Preventieve controle en mondhygiëne

Semi annual check-up and oral hygiene

To maintain healthy teeth, we advise everyone to make an appointment with the dentist at least twice a year for a preventive check-up. During this check-up, any dental problems can often be treated easily at an early stage. If necessary, you can be forwarded within the practice to the dental hygienist or prevention assistant for an extensive cleaning of your teeth.

Esthetische tandheelkunde

Aesthetic dentistry

One of Tandent’s specializations is aesthetic dentistry. We can restore and improve the smile based on the face and your wishes. One of the steps is to restore the teeth as naturally as possible.
Composiet facings

Composite resin facing

A composite resin facing can offer a solution for easily and quickly beautifying your teeth. A veneer can be placed over your own teeth, whereby your own teeth will not be ground or processed at all, depending on the situation


Did you know that dental care up to the age of 18 is 100% reimbursed by your insurer for most treatments? Children are very welcome in our practices. You can take your child to the check-up as soon as the first teeth have erupted.
Kronen en bruggen

Crowns & Bridges

Crowns and bridges are a durable solution for strengthening and beautifying teeth. The crown or bridge conforms as much as possible to the original shape and function of the teeth. A crown or bridge is made in collaboration with a dental laboratory.
We work exclusively with certified and renowned dental technicians:


Dentures / Prostheses

A full denture or partial denture is an aid in the event that all teeth have been extracted.
Depending on your situation and the number of missing teeth, the following options are available:

  • Click denture (overdenture), a prosthesis that clicks onto multiple implants in your lower or upper jaw.
  • A partial denture.
  • A full denture.


In most cases, missing teeth can be replaced with implants. The natural situation is best approximated both functionally and aesthetically by implants. In addition, with implants, adjacent healthy teeth no longer need to be grinded down. Ask your dentist what the possibilities are for you to place implants in your mouth.



We are an officially certified Invisalign-treatment clinic. These are transparent braces where no brackets (locks) are placed on the teeth. This offers the advantage that there is no increased risk of cavities while wearing the braces, because it is removable and the teeth can be brushed as in the normal situation.

In addition, the invisalign braces (aligner) are transparent, so that others cannot see that you are wearing braces.


Check with your practitioner for options