Top quality dentistry

TanDent offers a wide range of dental treatments by dental professionals. We strive to provide high quality oral health care combined with a family atmosphere and personal approach to our patients.

Your dentist in Rotterdam, Haarlem and Bergschenhoek

With a team of professionals, we keep your teeth in optimal condition!

The team behind TanDent is highly diverse and driven. We work exclusively with dental professionals trained in the Netherlands, and the most advanced materials and techniques to strive for optimal oral care for you!

Our team regularly attends officially accredited continuing education courses to stay up-to-date regarding the latest developments in dentistry and further improve knowledge and skills.
In addition, we are affiliated with the official professional associations KNMT and ANT and our dentists are registered in the KRT (quality register for dentists).

We are proud of our ISO 9001 certification (since 2012), which means, that we only work according to the most strict and recent hygiene protocols and we carry out treatments in the practice according to our established treatment guidelines.

Do you want TanDent as your dentist in the Rotterdam, Haarlem or Bergschenhoek area?

Please email, call the appropriate branch, or stop by our office to meet and inquire about enrollment opportunities.

Availability may vary by location. We are still accepting clients in Rotterdam and Bergschenhoek, in Haarlem with reservations. Please inquire by phone or at the front desk.

Wondering if TanDent treatments are included in your insurance package?

It would be nice if you undergo treatment that it is then reimbursed by your insurance company.
You can request a budget from your practitioner which you can submit to your health insurance company. This way you will know exactly what your insurer will reimburse.

For the whole family

At Tandent, we are here for the whole family. Good oral health starts from an early age. Therefore, we believe it is important to provide good education to parents, and to get children used to visiting the dentist as early as possible. We do this with attention and in a fun way for children.


Did you know that dental care for children under 18 is always fully reimbursed?


Prevention is better than cure and we like to start that early by providing good education to parents and children


To encourage children to enjoy going to the dentist, children receive a brushing diploma with us. This encourages good brushing and makes children aware of maintaining their teeth.