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At Tandent, we work by appointment.
You can make an appointment by phone at:


We are still accepting clients in Rotterdam and Bergschenhoek, and in Haarlem . If you are interested, please fill in the registration form, please indicate for which location you want to register. We will then try to contact you as soon as possible.

The team in Rotterdam also speaks Turkish, Portuguese, Spanish and Papiamentu.


For acute emergency dental care outside office hours (weekends) or absence, you can call the following emergency numbers:

(tandartsenpost 010, Erasmus mc)

there you will be referred to the dentist on duty.

(tandartsenpost 010, Erasmus mc)

With our team of dental professionals, we will strive to maintain the highest level of oral health for you

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For the whole family

At Tandent we provide oral and dental care for the whole family. A healthy mouth and teeth already starts at a young age. That is why we believe in providing parents with guidelines on how to maintain an optimal oral health at home and also to let small children getting used to visit to the dentist, starting from a young age (as soon as their first teeth have erupted). We always try to surround them in a trusted environment, performing treatments in a playful way so that children do not experience it as traumatic or scary.


Did you know that dental care up to the age of 18 is 100% reimbursed by your insurer for most treatments? Children are very welcome in our practices. You can take your child to the check-up as soon as the first teeth have erupted.


Prevention is better than cure and we like to start that early by providing good education to parents and children


To encourage children to enjoy going to the dentist, children receive a brushing diploma with us. This encourages good brushing and makes children aware of maintaining their teeth.

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