Patient invoices & rates


Dear patient,

We have outsourced our debtor administration to . This means that they collect and send invoices on our behalf. If desired, the claim they receive through us will be submitted directly to your health insurer. You will therefore only receive an invoice from them if your health insurer does not (fully) reimburse the costs for your treatment. prefers to send invoices by e-mail. This is better for the environment and entails lower costs. To ensure smooth billing, we kindly ask you to provide us with your most recent contact details at the counter.

We would like to draw your attention to the following on their behalf:

• You are responsible for providing your correct (e-mail) address information in a timely manner.
• Please notify us of any changes asap!
• The first invoice from can end up in your spam box. Therefore check there the days after your treatment whether you have received an invoice from them
• We advise you to save the e-mail address in your address book. This way you ensure that messages from our factoring partner end up in your regular inbox;
• If you do not receive an access code by SMS, we probably do not have your most recent mobile phone number
• Are you downloading the invoice from a mobile device? In that case, the invoice will appear in your Downloads/Files folder. So go to one of these folders if the invoice does not immediately
appear on your screen after downloading. It is also possible that the invoice will appear as a PDF file
at the bottom left of your screen;
You can arrange all your billing matters easily via . Or send an e-mail to .

Prefer personal contact? The service team of is happy to help you on working days between 09:00 and 17:00 on 085-7606262.


The team of


We use fixed rates that are regulated and set by the government (NZa). You can find it under this link:

Do you need extensive treatment? We are happy to prepare a budget in advance. After we have discussed the treatment plan with you, you will receive this budget on paper from us. So you always know in advance where you stand.

The rates are not always the amount of money that you have to pay. We will make an estimate for you with you can sent to your dental insurance company to find ot how much they will reimburse of the total amount, so you will know how high your own costs will be. Therefore invoice all treatments above € 250 euros for you if desired. You can then check with your insurer yourself which part of the costs is covered.

You can see what this means for you in the price list. For questions or information about the rates, please contact us.


Our team takes great pleasure in working every day to provide you with the best possible dental care. To ensure that we can spend as much time on this as possible, we have outsourced billing to Anders. They send and collect bills on our behalf. If your email address and 06 number are known to us, you will receive the invoice by email. You can easily pay this invoice via iDEAL. You can also reach Anders by phone at 085-7606262.