Complaints arrangement

We would like to hear how you experienced your visit to our practice. Your comments are very valuable: they help us improve our care and service. Would you like to pass on your suggestions or compliments to us? Please let us know. Thanks in advance!


Despite the efforts of our staff, it may happen that you are not satisfied with the treatment in our practice. You can then submit a written complaint to your dentist. In most cases, a conversation between you and your dentist will be enough. If you and your dentist do not come to an agreement and you need a third neutral party, you can submit your complaint to the complaints department of the KNMT (dentists’ professional association) to which this practice is affiliated. An independent complaints officer will then mediate between you and your dentist free of charge. With the aim of finding a solution.


If, despite the help of the complaints officer, you are unable to resolve it, you can appeal to the Disputes Authority Mondzorg for €75. Then your complaint will be assessed by a committee of five experts. The Disputes Authority will give a binding judgment as to whether your complaint is valid and, if the complaint is valid, may award damages up to a maximum of twenty-five thousand euros.


For more information about oral health care, treatments and costs, visit Questions can be directed to the Dental Information Point (TIP) 0900 202 5012. Both provide independent information and are founded by our professional organization KNMT.